Scrum is a subset of the Agile methodology, while Agile is one technique of project management.

Confusion might result from the interchangeable use of the phrases Scrum and Agile. Agile is a project management methodology that prioritizes finishing tasks one at a time.  Scrum is one of several Agile techniques, on the other hand. Consider it more as the actual framework that teams may use to implement Agile concepts. Scrum is a well-liked and widely used Agile methodology.

Agile is a project management approach, whereas Scrum is one of many different implementation strategies. This is the key distinction between the two.    Agile is a project management method or concept that tries to accomplish a goal in small steps. An Agile project therefore consists of smaller chunks of activities that may be delivered in shorter time frames regularly rather than having one major reveal or launch. Project teams can more easily respond to problems that develop, adjust to shifting priorities, and reduce costs, time, and inefficiencies as a result.  You should employ a framework or specific approach to put Agile principles into practice when implementing them into a business or project.


Scrum is the one that is most used. Kanban, the Crystal Method, Extreme Programming, and a number of hybrids are among the others.

Scrum excels at managing challenging projects in dynamic contexts. Scrum is suitable for new projects or for sectors that are continually changing, as is the case with many Agile approaches. A more conventional strategy might be preferable if your business doesn’t allow for seamless cross-functional collaboration or if your requirements are fixed.

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