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Business Analysis involves gaining insight based on the collected data. Business Analysis is performed using several analytical techniques. The business market today is quite competitive. That’s why companies do what they can to be successful and not to be left behind The key to success is wise decisions that can be made based on reliable information. To obtain this information, we need Business Analysis. Businesses have to adapt to the changes that constantly appear in the ever-changing business world. Considering the competitive market, it is critically important for any business to properly adapt to those changes. It can save the organization from staying behind its competitors and later on, failing. Business Analysts are needed to navigate and prepare organizations for the mentioned changes and lead them through the entire change process.

Organizations need Business Analysis. They need certified Analysts that will lead their business towards success. The business Analysis field is growing very fast, demand is increasing every year and the market is becoming more and more competitive, so certification is a good way to advance your career. Therefore, getting certified can put you on the map. The more experienced you get, the more your value increases. For you, the certification is the way to achieve in-depth knowledge and confidence, for the organization it is the way to be sure that their business will be in safe hands.

If you want to become an expert and specialist trusted by organizations, Shersom Consulting Inc. is here to assist you to realize this goal. We will take you through concrete business analysis training.

✔ We are affiliated with IT recruiters and at the end of the training, we will hook you to an IT company for 8-weeks of unpaid real-life practical experience to boost your confidence and experience.

✔ You will also be referred to job recruiters who will assist with your employment process.

Note: The average business analyst earns about $70,000 per annum

✔ Shersom Consulting Inc. issues Free Scrum Fundamental Certification at the end of the Business Analysis Training

✔ We also assist in cleaning your resume.

Take charge and grab this opportunity!

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